Phase Two – In Construction

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State Project Number: 0079-0246

Interchange Improvements to I-91 NB, I-691 WB & Route 15 NB

Proposed Improvements

  • A. New two-lane exit ramp from Route 15 NB to I-91 NB to reduce traffic congestion on the Exit 68 N-E ramp
  • B. Close the existing Exit 17 ramp from I-91 NB to Route 15 NB and re-route traffic to Exit 16 to provide a two-lane exit ramp with a right-side traffic merge onto Route 15 NB
  • C. Widen the existing Exit 68W ramp from Route 15 NB to I-691 WB to two lanes
  • D. Reconfigure acceleration and deceleration lanes to provide adequate traffic weaving distances.

Pre-Construction 2023 Spring 2024

Updates and News