Night Work Begins Sunday, May 5, with I-91 NB milling

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Night work Beginning Sunday May 5 – the Contractor will be working Sunday nights to Friday nights, from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM, continuing into the fall.
Anticipated work is as follows:

  • Milling on I-91 NB begins Sunday night, May 5.
    • I-91NB will be milled down to concrete pavement.
    • Traffic will shift to the left, onto the newly constructed pavement in the median.
    • Limits will be from I-91 NB Exit 18 to the rest area in Middletown.
    • Concrete pavement will be inspected and determination made where repairs are necessary.
    • The area will be paved with the first course of asphalt in 2-3 weeks after it is milled.
    • After paving, the Contractor will begin repairing concrete pavement, which is anticipated to take a few months.
  • Once I-91 milling is completed, the same process will take place I-691 EB between Exit 1B and 1, beginning with milling I-691 EB.
  • Milling and paving is anticipated to be complete by the end of May.



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